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Updated May 11 2008
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Visitors Comments

Thank you very much. The content of your site is indeed many many hours of hard work both to find and scan these books.
You are doing a great service to the movement, because a lot of the books have historical value, but several books, particularly the pioneering books by John Thurman and the some of the books in the Patrol Series have a practical value, because nothing has been written since.
I have been looking a lifetime to locate some of them and I found the site tonight by accident
God bless you
Dear Grumpy Ogre and Friends,
I do enjoy your website It takes me back many years. I am now 76 and I still camp when the weather is amicable. I remember when a boy that there was a book on building Log Cabins. I think that it was a Gilwell book but am not sure now as my memory often plays strange tricks. Should you be able to find this, please place it on your site. I would love to read this after so many years. Thanks, once again, for reviving many happy memories. DO carry on the good work.
Yours Sincerely,
I just read the winter camping manual. It was excellent.
I would like to add one small note. That article suggests that one may want to put their flashlight inside the sleeping bag to keep the batteries from freezing. I store new batteries in the freezer so they don't degrade at as fast a rate as if they are stored at room temp. They freeze and it is not a problem- they immediately work well when you use them. Normal AAA,AA,C,D and watch batteries stay "fresh" for months even OK after years in the freezer.
The only exception that I know would be a lead acid battery which loses power when cold and can expand and crack if the charge is too low but I can't see putting a lead acid battery that is dead into a sleeping bag anyway. (car battery, sealed lead acid battery etc)
I would suggest deleting the line about putting the flashlight inside to keep it from freezing but one may want it inside just to have it handy in the night.

Grumpy's Note: Although I agree with your suggestion, the user is reminded that the handbooks, manuals, articles and stories presented here have been written very long ago. Consequently, they may occassionally use some terms or express sentiments which were in current use at the time of their writing, regardless of what we may think of them at the beginning of the 21st century. For reasons of historical accuracy the texts have been preserved in their original form.
I have most of the books on your site in original, paperback form. For a year or two now I have been considering scanning them so that I can use them with my group.
What a labour of love you must have gone through. Well done.
I have put links to your site on our Group site. It will appear in our District site in the near future.
Kind regards