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Updated January 26 2008
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The Boy Scout Series

.TitleDescription namefile size
The Scout Idea Book 1. The Scout Idea Book 1960scoutideabook.pdf 3.4 Mb
The Patrol System 2. The Patrol System
1960patrolsystem.pdf 288kb
Knotting For Scouts 3. Knotting For Scouts 1963.knotbook.pdf 1.0 Mb
Cooking 4. Cooking 1964Cooking.pdf 393kb
The Baden-Powell Story 5. The Baden-Powell Story 1965bpstory.pdf 3.4 Mb
The Baden-Powell Story - French 5. The Baden-Powell Story - French 1965bpfrancais.pdf 18.2 Mb
Patrol Activities 6. Patrol Activities 1963.patrolactivities.pdf 360kb
Map And Compass 7. Map And Compass 1964.mapcompass.pdf 540kb