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Sea Scouting

.TitleDescription namefile size
1967 Sea Scout Manual Cdn. Sea Scout Manual 1967Reprint of the Canadian Sea Scout Manual, 1967 edition. The last published version of the manual cssm1967.pdf 817kB
Sea Scouting For boys Sea Scouting For Boys. by Sir Robert Baden-Powell. A 1910 introduction to Sea Scouting written by B-P for Scoutmasters and organizers.(May not be the complete text) ss4boys.pdf 45kb
Sea Scouting For BoysSea Scouting and Seamanship for Boys
by Warington Baden-Powell, KC
A full Sea Scout manual published in 1911 by Sir Robert's older brother Warington. ss4b_1911.pdf 1.4 Mb
Leader's Manual Sea Scout Leader's Handbook A brief summmary of useful information on running a Sea Scout ship's companyhandbook.pdf 69kb
Gilcraft's Sea Scouting Sea Scouting
by Tom Browne
Sea Scouting by Tom Browne, No.1 in the New Gilcraft series (1951). A practical guide on how to set up and run a Sea Scout troop. An invaluable source of advice for the new and not so new Sea Scout Skipper.G-Sea Scouting.pdf 2.8 Mb
Scouts On The Water Scouts On The Water Sea Scouting - in a more comtemporary way.ScoutsontheWater.pdf 1.1 Mb
The Sea Scout Handbook The Sea Scout Handbook Sea Scouting - from the Boy Scouts Association.seascouthand.pdf 1.1 Mb