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Updated March 26 2018
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Warning: The material contained in this website
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Gone Home: Karl Pollak RIP
(one of the founders of this site)

Webmaster's Note:
* The material on the site is ‘Reproduced by permission of The Scout Association Trustees’. The copyright of images used is held by The Scout Association as defined in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

* The user is reminded that the handbooks, manuals, articles and stories presented here have been written very long ago. Consequently, they may occassionally use some terms or express sentiments which were in current use at the time of their writing, regardless of what we may think of them at the beginning of the 21st century. For reasons of historical accuracy the texts have been preserved in their original form.
* If you find any of them offensive, we ask you to please delete the files from your system.
* Some of the skills, requirements and terms in these materials may differ from present day practices. They are preserved and offered with the intention of providing a historical perspective for today's Scouting leaders. Please use them in conjunction with a current copy of your section leader handbook or your Scouting association's guidelines and policies when planning your Scouting programs.
* To Webmasters: Please do not copy these books and post them on your own site. Instead, link to the book located here on "The Dump". "The Dump" is a Service project by several Scouters, a result of hundreds of hours of work. Please respect their wishes and the Scout Associations' copyright.
* "The Dump" is not affiliated with any Scouting organization.

You can download each file by clicking on its underlined title. Your suggestions for other documents are welcomed, if we can find them. Remember that some of these books are extremely rare, and some have been purchased at considerable personal cost. Send your requests to the Webmaster.

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