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Updated December 29 2012
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Audio And Video Files

Description TypeNameFile size
B.P. Talking To ScoutsAudiobp_scouts.mp3 3.25 Mb
BP's message to Scout Masters and Commissioners
on the opening of Gilwell Park
Audiobp_masters.mp3 2.57 Mb
BP's message to ParentsAudiobp_parents.mp3 2.44 Mb
BP's message to The PublicAudiobp_public.mp3 2.94 Mb
Another message to ScoutsAudiobp_scouts2.mp3 2.28 Mb
BP's message to Wolf Cub ParentsAudiobp_wolf.mp3 2.43 Mb
BP explains the Grand HowlAudiobp_howl.mp3 2.80 Mb
BP addresses SportsmanAudiobp_sports.mp3 3.41 Mb
BP's address on his 80th BirthdayAudiobp_80th.mp3 2.90 Mb
BP talks about the Seige of MafekingAudioDefenseofMafeking.mpeg 7.45 Mb
BP's talking to youthVideofilme1.wmv 695kb
BP's at Arrowe ParkVideofilme2.wmv 927kb
BP talking to parentsVideofilme3.wmv 659kb
BP and Girl ScoutsVideogirlscouts.mpg 14.4 Mb
Ca-Na-Da (French)MP3ca-na-da-fra.mp3 2.35 Mb
Ca-Na-Da (English)MP3ca-na-da-eng.mp3 2.24 Mb
Scout HymnMP3ScoutHymn.mp3 407 kb
One Heart - CJ'97 Jamboree Song (original version)MP3oneheart-CJ'97orig.mp3 2.77 Mb
One Heart - CJ'97 Jamboree Song (dance version)MP3oneheart-CJ'97dance.mp3 3.04 Mb

Sheet Music Files

A Collection of Original old Sheet Music
Preserved here for posterity

DescriptionNameFile size
Be A Good Scout 1917Be A Good Scout 1917.pdf 411kb
Boy Scout March 1914boyscoutmarch1914.pdf 486kb
Boy Scout March 1919Boy Scout March 1919.pdf 1.09 Mb
Boy Scouts Dream 1915Boy Scouts Dream 1915.pdf 4.38 Mb
Boy Scouts March 1911Boy Scouts March 1911.pdf 659kb
Boy Scouts of America March 1916Boy Scouts of America March 1916.pdf 715kb
Boy Scouts on Parade 1930Boy Scouts on Parade 1930.pdf 535kb
Boy Scouts Parade 1912Boy Scouts Parade 1912.pdf 758kb
Boy Scouts Patrol Song 1909Boy Scouts Patrol Song 1909.pdf 142kb
Bravo Gallant Scouting Boys 1909Bravo Gallant Scouting Boys 1909.pdf 604kb
Canadian Boy Scout March 1912Canadian Boy Scout March 1912.pdf 342kb
For Old Glory 1917For Old GLory 1917.pdf 553kb
Grand Patriotic March 1900Grand Patriotic March 1900.pdf 372kb
Heroes of Mafeking 1900Heroes of Mafeking 1900.pdf 303kb
In Camp 1910In Camp 1910.pdf 976kb
Law Of The Scout 1930Law Of The Scout 1930.pdf 777kb
Mafeking Waltz 1900Mafeking Waltz 1900.pdf 1.04 Mb
March Of The Boy Scouts 1912March Of The Boy Scouts 1912.pdf 433kb
March Of The Boy Scouts 1913March Of The Boy Scouts 1913.pdf 572kb
March Of The Boy Scouts (BSA) 1912March Of The Boy Scouts (BSA) 1912.pdf 682kb
Scouts March 1959scouts march 1959.pdf 479kb
Scouts To The Fore 1914Scouts To The Fore 1914.pdf 375kb
Song Of The Scouts 1930Song Of The Scouts 1930.pdf 460kb
The School Boy Scouts 1909The School Boy Scouts 1909.pdf 612kb
We're Prepared 1920We're Prepared 1920.pdf 365kb
You'll Be There 1915You'll Be There 1915.pdf 416kb
Heart of Oak 1759 (Can. Sea Scouts)HeartOak.pdf 795kb
Scout HymnScoutHymn.pdf 105kb
Boys Will Be Boys - 1910'sBoys Will Be Boys.pdf 579kb
Finnish Scout March 1922 (orchestra)Finnish Scout March 1922 (orchestra).pdf 420kb
Finnish Scout March 1922 (piano)Finnish Scout March 1922 (piano).pdf 127kb
Good Scout 1915Good Scout 1915.pdf 2.09 Mb
Relief of Mafeking 1900Relief of Mafeking 1900.pdf 1.07 Mb
March Of The Scouts 1915March Of The Scouts 1915.pdf 1.07 Mb
Every Little General 1911Every Little General 1911.pdf 341kb
Relief of Mafeking 1900 BagpipesRelief of Mafeking 1900 Bagpipes.pdf 57kb